Cultural Posts

  1. The Dematerialization of Life or "Hey, Where'd All My Stuff Go?"

    One unexpected consequence of the digital age - no objects to evoke memories.

  2. Pottery, Churches, and Palaces Aren't Enough

    The damaging effect of history's focus on the powerful and tangible.

  3. 3 Ways to Experience a Scene

    The romantic, analytical, and evocative approaches to viewing a scene.

  4. Trained Attention & Discovering the Silent Stories

    Our attention is often so trained that we miss the most interesting stories around us.

  5. Why the World Needs New Currencies

    Our current monetary system doesn't always reward those who deserve it.

  6. The Four Shades of Decision Making

    How should we define and measure randomness?

  7. Engineering Everything

    As we learn more about the world, everything becomes engineerable.