Education Posts

  1. More Advice for Future Churchill Scholars (and Other Cambridge Students)

    Reflections on a year as a Churchill Scholar.

  2. Dispatch from England - Part V

    Advice for future Churchill Scholars (and other Cambridge students) from a former Churchill Scholar.

  3. Dispatch from England - Part IV

    Being £20 north of the Continent (thanks Ryanair!) necessitates frequent travel.

  4. Dispatch from England - Part III

    Life in Cambridge, the 700-year old university that doesn't look a day over 600.

  5. Dispatch from England - Part II

    Being an American in England feels like being a golden retriever puppy at a funeral - incongruously enthusiac.

  6. Dispatch from England - Part I

    Life at Churchill College, home of Cambridge's engineers and Americans.

  7. Guide to Applying to US Science PhD Programs and Fellowships

    How to choose where to apply, how to put together a good application, and how to decide where to go.

  8. College - What I Did Right and Where I Screwed Up

    Reflections on five years at the University of Southern California.

  9. Better Metrics for Education

    Why today's tests are unnatural and some thoughts on how to improve them.

  10. When and How Do I Learn Something?

    Strategies and actions that have helped me learn and retain material.

  11. What's Your Ideal Classroom Experience?

    Less lecturing and more collaborative problem-solving.

  12. Learning to Read (Scientific Papers)

    How to parse the terse, unfamiliar language of the scientific paper.