Science Posts

  1. The State of Theory in Neuroscience, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

    A physicist's first impressions of neuroscience.

  2. The Zealot King Problem & An Operational Version of Rice's Theorem

    Musings on Turing machines inspired by Sipser's 'Introduction to the Theory of Computation.'

  3. Thoughts on Randomness

    How should we define and measure randomness?

  4. Succubi, Ripeness, & Saturation - Hitting the Scientific Sweet Spot

    How should a young scientist choose a field with lots of opportunity?

  5. Itinerant Science - Out of the Office and into the Wild

    No one really believes cubicles foster creativity - so why do work in them?

  6. Science from the Source - Best of Scientist Blogs

    Few scientists write about their work for the popular audience, but here are some of my favorites.