Travel Posts

  1. More Advice for Future Churchill Scholars (and Other Cambridge Students)

    Reflections on a year as a Churchill Scholar.

  2. Dispatch from England - Part V

    Advice for future Churchill Scholars (and other Cambridge students) from a former Churchill Scholar.

  3. Dispatch from England - Part IV

    Being £20 north of the Continent (thanks Ryanair!) necessitates frequent travel.

  4. Dispatch from England - Part III

    Life in Cambridge, the 700-year old university that doesn't look a day over 600.

  5. Dispatch from England - Part II

    Being an American in England feels like being a golden retriever puppy at a funeral - incongruously enthusiac.

  6. Dispatch from England - Part I

    Life at Churchill College, home of Cambridge's engineers and Americans.

  7. Summiting Monte Rosa - Cults, Thoughts, and Chocolate at 4500m

    What went through my mind climbing my first glacier in the Italian Alps.

  8. Italy - Small Portions, Smaller People

    Why are Americans, and their plates, so large?

  9. Benvenuto a Torino - A Day in the Life of a Mountain-Dwelling Physicist

    That time I lived in the foothills of the Italian Alps for the summer.

  10. Welcome to India

    The (mis)adventures of USC students trying to bring clean water to an Indian village.

  11. This is China

    Some defining moments for my summer in China.

  12. Luoyang - The China that Doesn't Speak English

    A weekend trip to Luoyang for mountains, temples, and crypts.

  13. Nanjing - In Search of Ancient China

    A weekend trip to Nanjing for WWII museums, temples, and ancient city walls.

  14. UNESCO's Disneyfinger

    UNESCO World Heritage status is usually considered an honor, but it has its drawbacks.

  15. Hangzhou - The Adventure that Was Going to Be

    A weekend in Hangzhou with the other USC Global Fellows.

  16. Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Foreigners

    There's a big difference between how nationals and foreigners are treated in China.

  17. Huangshan - A Breath of Fresh Air

    Hiking one of China's most famous and beautiful (and crowded) mountains.

  18. Just How Big is China?

    Even hiking a mountain involves waiting in line.

  19. Preparing for China - Goals

    My goals for my summer (internship) in Shanghai.

  20. Preparing for China - Expectations

    What I expect for my summer internship in Shanghai.

  21. Preparing for China - The Situation

    I'm being paid to work in Shanghai for the summer and I'm gonna write about it.